Make memories on Albuquerque property at ABQ BioPark. There’s so much to do with a zoo, aquarium, botanical garden and more filling the landscape.

Folks monkey around together in the ABQ Zoo where habitats are first rate and conservation is key. Amazing animals from A to Z roam the grounds in state of the art exhibits. Guests get to know some up close and personal. Friendly alpacas and llamas are ready for a pat while eager giraffes wait for hand feedings. Around the bend, lorikeets sip nectar while perched on shoulders, arms and hands. Keeper feedings are held daily in the hippo and crocodile enclosures. Youngsters living in Albuquerque go round and round on the endangered species carousel. Many take a train ride around the zoo keeping an eye for which critter to visit next.

Meet Exotic Animals Living in Albuquerque

Wanderers in the botanical garden identify all the flora and fauna. Formal gardens are brilliant with color and thematic spots big with charm. Local species of plants fill the paths providing green thumb guidance to Albuquerque property owners. Tours are given in the Japanese Garden and provide quite a tranquil experience.

Go beneath the surface of the waves in the aquarium. Delve into the waters from the Rio Grande to Gulf of Mexico. A variety of aquatic ecosystems thrive in the Pacific Coral Reef. Shipwreck scenes also house a colorful group of ocean wildlife. Jellies float and flitter about quite close to where the river otters play. Sea turtles and eels aren’t afraid to swim with the sharks in the shark tank. Visitors get their hands wet in the touch pool where they can feel the textures of rays, sharks, fish and invertebrates.

Catch the big one on Tinley Beach. Three fishing ponds overflow with bounty and are open to any anglers with a valid New Mexico fishing license. Kids cast out in the children’s pond with their fingers crossed. While stories about the one who got away swirl around the main pond, the catch and release pond is purely just for fun.

With all the goings on in ABQ BioPark, memberships just make sense. Member perks include complimentary admission, exclusive events discounts and much more.