Fantasy blends with reality on Albuquerque property. Those stepping foot inside New Mexico Escape Room transform into freelance detectives. Groups are immersed in make believe precarious situations. Together they uncover clues, develop strategies, connect the dots and unravel riddles all to solve the mystery at hand.

The stage is set with a variety of scenarios. Blackwell Manor is haunted and not for the faint of heart. Only the bravest of the brave living in Albuquerque can make it through the night in such a scary place. There is plenty of double crossing going around in Bombshell. Everything is complicated when the mob is involved. Gamers surely won’t know who to trust and must keep an eye on everyone. A serial killer is on the loose and holed up in a woodland cabin. Detectives on the case in The Cabin have to identify both the location and the identity of the madman before he strikes again.

Games Are Played when Living in Albuquerque

Friends search for treasure and dig themselves a hole in Nefertari’s Tomb. One of the more advanced games in the house, groups find themselves in quite a pickle. Duel at Dusk is quite daunting. Dueling partners have lost their weapons and must recover them before the contest of arms begins. Potential heirs search in vain for grandma’s jewel. Who will find the Family Jewel and call it their own?

Playing escape games are great experiences and especially enriching for birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, girls nights out and corporate team building. New Mexico Escape Game is locally owned and boasts the title as the first escape game company in the state. Two Albuquerque property locations present an array of intrigue. Each destination has a separate selection of games. Children of all ages are welcome to play but age restrictions apply for some of the scenarios due to mature content. Reserve a spot to play for either location online or by calling 505.289.1002.